The Pups
This is the album that started it all - photos of our dogs: German Shepherd Abby, Belgian Malinois Ronja, and Belgian Malinois Toska. The photo file includes pictures of the dogs in training, enjoying the great outdoors, doing demonstrations, and various press clippings that either show or mention us.
subfolders: 5
The Kitties
Our cats have not been getting the amount of attention that our dogs have been getting in these albums, so it was about time that they got their very own folder to show off what they do (though it isn't a whole lot beyond sleeping and playing with one another).
albums: 7
The Critter File
Cats, dogs, and horses - oh, my! This folder is home to photos of our cats, cats and dogs we have owned and fostered in the past, horses and horseback riding, and various other creatures that bark, meow, whinny, moo, bleat ... you get the idea.
subfolders: 5
Going Places & Doing Things
This folder is flowing over with pictures of life outside our own four walls: photos from travels and visits to various towns and historic sites; photos of special events, such as parades, picnics, and festivals; and photos of the great outdoors, such as pictures of hiking, exploring local parks, and camping.
subfolders: 3
The History File
This folder contains a very large assortment of all things related to history: vintage family photos, scans of old magazines and catalogs. It also contains a reference folder on the history of military working dogs with scans of historic books and manuals, as well as plenty of photos.
subfolders: 3
Reenactment Photos
I've decided to make a separate folder for my reenactment photographs, which have previously lived in the Events section (for reenactments attended as a spectator or photographer) and the History folder (for reenactments I've attended as a participant). I figured the two warrant their own folder to make the images easier to find.
subfolders: 2
The “military” folder is home to any photographs that show our life in and around the United States armed forces, such as photos from re-enlistment ceremonies, general ceremonies and events, unit photos, field problems, and deployment pictures. Photos include Brian's service in the US Army and Chris's service in the US Civil Air Patrol (US Air Force Auxiliary).
subfolders: 3
Family & Life
A folder full of photos of all things home and family – our wedding pictures, portraits of one another, a brief pictorial chronicle of our past moves, and miscellaneous other images of the two of us and our life together that didn’t fit into any of the other categories.
subfolders: 5
Sewing, Beads & Other Crafts
This folder offers a glimpse into my crafty side by showcasing some of my various small and big projects. It contains photos of my bead work, T-shirt designs, and various sewing projects, as well as pictures of dog equipment that I’ve created or modified.
subfolders: 1 and albums: 2
Please check out this folder, which holds some of the unique downloads I have created for my fellow dog lovers. Things in here include dog icons, glitters, animations, coloring pages, educational materials, graphics to promote K-9 Veterans Day, and various dog-related art. Please note that these are not “freeware” – they are covered under a Creative Commons License. You are free to use any of the items inside this folder on your personal website or in print-outs, but they must include a link back to my site and you may not modify them or distribute them elsewhere on the Internet.
subfolders: 3 and albums: 1
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